Skagit River Eagle Counts

For current Skagit Eagle Counts and river conditions click on our Facebook page to get up to date river levels as well as the number of birds we are seeing during our tours. We post river information from late November through mid February. If you are a Facebook user you can Like our page to receive our News feeds.

The picture above was taken by the winner of our 2011 photo contest, Sonny Richardson . Congratulations Sonny!

This is the camera and settings he used to capture the shot. Nikon D3X + Nikon 500 mm f/4 lens. The settings were 1/1250th at f/4.8, ISO 400, Exposure compensation minus 2/3 stop. The reason for backing the exposure off by 2/3 of a stop was to hold details in the white feathers."

Below are some other pictures submitted to our annual Photo Contest. Check out our Photo Contest rules for more info and how to enter your picture.



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